Millions of commerces in different countries of the world (including Australia) have the necessity of selling frozen goods, but due to their unique composition and state, they have to be stored under special conditions to avoid causing any damage to the product, so, when it comes to storing frozen snacks, pre-cooked food, chicken, meat, ice creams, salad, and many other things, you will have to use something unique to sell them at a great price for being in top condition and that’s where commercial fridges come handy, however, due to space limitations, you might not be able to use the model that was built in a horizontal style, besides, you will need the upright version that counts with the same features but it’s built differently due to possible space limitations, ant to know more? Stay tuned then.


What is a Commercial Upright Fridges?

Display fridge for sale. In simple words, a commercial upright fridge is like any traditional display fridge with the major difference that it was made for being used as a vertical solution, just like the fridges that you have in your home or property, and thanks to that reason, you can always see a lot f these upright fridges in different commerces, because they are easier to install, adapt and even clean than traditional models that are just in the ground. However, thanks to its vertical body, you could have some problems while moving it, and while storing some special products, but the first issue can be solved if the fridge comes with installed wheels like most modern upright fridges models are being made, and the second one, well, if you manage to use a proper distribution of the frozen goods, then space will not be a problem at all, in fact, it could be …

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What are the benefits of confined space training?


If your employees enter our work in confined spaces, they need training to help implement successful risk control measures and identify hazards before ever entering these spaces. Companies who have permits to work in confined spaces it should require their employees to do industry specific confined space training to help enhance their skills and knowledge.

Here are the 3 key benefits of confined space training :


#1 Employees learns to operate Specialized Equipment


In order for someone to successfully complete tasks in a confined space, they should first complete a confined space training program. Operating with limited space, especially surrounding exit and entry points creates an elevated risk of injury or accident. Therefore, employees should be equipped with new skills, especially if they’re operating any specialist equipment in this area.


Foremost of all, employees should be fitted with specific safety equipment and gear including torches, headlights helmets and hyphens clothing. Second, they should train all employees how to use probes to test their environment. This is important as confined spaces regularly have poor ventilation and it’s possible for dangerous gases to build up. Part of confined space training is to train employees to handle the various equipment or machines needed to ensure that safety, including the following.


  • Lighting Equipment:
  • Ventilation Fans:
  • Specialist Ladders
  • Oxygen Monitors



#2 Elevate their Emergency Awareness

Following the successful completion of confined space training, your employees will be in position to community identify the signs of an emergency. For example, if there are oxygen levels dropped, they may feel emotionally upset, tired an elevated heart rate and rapid breathing. If oxygen levels decrease further than they suffer convulsions and collapse because of dizziness vomiting and nausea and eventually die.



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Smoking herbs is the most preferred way of consuming it as it is used for a large number of people who want to enjoy the benefits offered by smoking herbs. There are different ways of smoking herbs but the best and most popular way is to use the glass bongs. You can select from the widest variety of glass bongs so that you will enjoy its use over a period of time. Moreover, you will also have to know where to find cheap glass bongs in Australia so that you can continue its use over a period of time. The kind of glass bongs that you select will be based on your individual preferences and tastes so that you will get the best option. Additionally, you will be able to find cheap glass bongs that available in the online stores so that you will get the best product for your needs. You will also get attractive discounts for the purchase of glass bongs so that you will save money on its purchase.


Finding cheap glass bongs is a very important step for smoking cannabis or weed so that you will get a high instantly. You will get large varieties of glass bongs that are available online so that you can select the one that will make smoking weed a smooth and enjoyable experience. You will also get smoother hits which can be achieved with the combustion process that takes place in the bong. There is no need to worry about the burning of the herbs when you are using glass bongs because it makes use of the water filtration method for the use of herbs. The use of glass bongs is a more cost-effective option because it is a reusable option so that you can continue its use over …

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Ozzy Tyres is manufacturing first-rate and topnotch wheels and tyres in Australia. The aftermarket tyres and wheels are also imported by the Ozzy Tyres company. The vast experience of the company would fetch you the exact tyres for your need. The experts of the store give you the fullest satisfaction by selecting the fine wheels. Moreover, the online store of the company easily satiates the earnest desire of a customer with its wheels and tyres sale. The comparative prices and free delivery of the store entice many customers to buy the products. The wholesale and retail business of the company adds value to the customers’ expectations

Online store

The online store of Ozzy Tyres is helping the customers who do not know any knowledge about online tyres purchases at all. The 100% proper fitment guarantee for the vehicle by the staff of the company is another milestone. Free fitting tyres and wheels by the technicians of the company is a mind-blowing feature of the company. The old tyres are decarded and the new ones are fitted by the experts in an exemplary way. The presence of plenty of outlets throughout the country for the customers is an attractive feature. The best 4X4 tyres online and Wheels of the Ozzy store are a major advantage to the purchasing customer.


Major outlets

The customers can find an outlet near their location for any vehicle service. The mechanical workshop of the company does exactly give the comfort and desirable results of the customer by servicing their vehicles. Even a slight adjustment is being done very carefully by the technicians of the workshop. The brand new products are delivered on a free basis to the customers. The customers’ query either in the form of emails or phone calls is answered in the best …

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Wallets are an important item that you need for holding your money, cards and documents which has been used for many years. But with the changing times, there has been a huge change in the kind of wallet that you purchase and one of the most innovative and versatile is the vegan wallet. The use of this wallet has witnessed tremendous improvement and this has resulted in the introduction of vegan wallet which is an eco friendly option. Therefore, before you buy this wallet, you will need to find out how to pick a vegan wallet so that you will get the best option for your daily needs.



When picking your vegan wallet, you will need to find out about the materials that are used for making this wallet as it should be eco friendly and cruelty free option that does not make use of dead animal’s skins. Moreover, you should select materials that come from recycle products so that you are saving the environment by purchasing products that does not harm the nature in any manner. You will get a wide selection of these vegan wallets Australia that are available for your needs so that you can select the one that have an amazing design which suits your needs. You need to look for the function and compartments of the wallets because it should have space for keeping all your important belongings without getting exposed to any risks. The design and overall look of the wallet is also extremely important factor when selecting the wallet so that you will have an accessory that will complement your entire look. You will get different colors, pocket types, closure styles and designs of the wallets that you can select from so that you will get an excellent environmental friendly option …

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Gympie Regional Council proudly presents a range of exciting, safe and budget friendly activities these holidays!

Sessions are held at local Libraries, the Gympie Regional Gallery and out and about around the region.

For more information visit:

Some upcoming activities:

  • Summer Reading Club – Gympie Library –   1/12/2016 to 20.01.2017
  • Dance and Movement – Awake Studio, 8 Duke Street, Gympie – School holidays:  12/12/2016
  • Holiday Story times – Safari Adventure – Gympie Library – School holidays:  12/12/2016
  • Christmas Craft Workshop – Widgee Community Complex, Power Road, Widgee – School holidays:  13/12/2016
  • Meet Dewey – Gympie Library: 13/12/2016
  • Star Weave Jam, Gallery, 39 Nash Street, Gympie: 13/12/2016
  • Christmas paper craft – Goomeri Library: 14/12/2016
  • Face painting with Tina – Gympie Library: 14/12/2016
  • Christmas paper craft – Kilkivan Library: 14/12/2016
  • Christmas paper craft, Gympie Library: 15/12/2016
  • Star Weave Jam, Gallery, 39 Nash Street, Gympie: 15/12/2016
  • Out of the Craft Box: KIY Craft, Gympie Library: 16/12/2016
  • Shaun Tan:  Waking Dreams Story Time Sessions at the Gallery, 39 Nash Street, Gympie – Kids Activities:  16/12/2016
  • Come and try the Ukelele, Australian Institute of Country Music, 28 Channon Street, Gympie
  • Holiday Storytimes – Space Adventure, Gympie Library: 19/12/2016
  • Trolls – Family Movie, Gympie Cinema, Monkland Street, Gympie: 20/12/2016
  • Christmas paper craft – Imbil Library: 20/12/2016
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You are invited to a special Gympie Town Centre Growers Market for a Christmas shopping experience to savor.

Cooking demonstrations by acclaimed chef Matt Golinski throughout the morning will give you inspiration for your Christmas table. Discover locally grown produce and smallgoods including free range ham and chicken.  Unearth delicious gourmet treats for your friends and family.

Nugget and Al from Zinc 96.1FM will be broadcasting live from the market and assisting Matt in the kitchen. Enjoy a free sausage sizzle from the Zinc team and lots of Christmas fun.

When: Wednesday 21 December 2016

Time: 7am to 1pm

Where: Memorial Park, Gympie…

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Gympie region businesses in the food and beverage, horticulture, agriculture, agritourism and tourism industries are invited to attend.

Come along and hear from innovators in the industry and learn how you can take advantage of opportunities and trends for greater success.
Guest speakers include:
• acclaimed chef Matt Golinski
• panel discussion focused on innovation featuring local business owners
• Colin Graham, founder of Causeway Innovation – focused on developing innovative businesses and regions.
Presented by Gympie Regional Council
Hosted by Kandanga Farm Store
Thursday 2 March 2017, 3pm to 6pm
Kandanga Farm Store, 93 Main Street Kandanga
FREE to attend, includes light refreshments
RSVP by 28 February 2017
Phone 1300 307 800 or email
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It’s time to celebrate summer in the Gympie Region – warm days, holidays and BBQ’s! Show your support for our local farmers by sourcing the freshest and best produce from the many growers’ markets around the area, our produce suppliers, businesses and by supporting our local restaurants, cafes and hospitality businesses who take pride in serving the finest local produce.

So whether you are a visitor or resident of the Gympie region – welcome! We hope you have a safe, happy and relaxing time over the holiday season and enjoy all that our beautiful region has to offer.

For more information about things to do and places to visit click here.

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Owning and operating a butchery in the heart of prime cattle country is a dream come true for Katherine and Luke King of Kilkivan Meats. The Kings bought the shop at 25 Bligh Street in rural Kilkivan – 50 kilometres west of Gympie – five years ago and are passionate about supplying locally raised meat.

“Luke has been butchering since he left high school so when this opportunity came up, we jumped at the chance,” Katherine says.

Luke and butcher Kurt Long prepare and sell the cuts while Katherine is responsible for marketing and administration. The majority of Kilkivan Meats’ stock is locally sourced.

“The Gympie region is burgeoning with quality producers so we supply local produce because we know where it comes from and how it is raised. One of our main lines is in-house small goods made from locally sourced pork.

“Most of our beef comes from the North Burnett and Gympie area and is Meat Standards Australia (MSA)-graded – a guarantee for tenderness and eating quality. We also make preservative-free sausages, stock chicken and lamb, free-range pork and a range of condiments such as jams and preserves from CC’s Kitchen, sauces from Cobra Chilli and cordial from Suncoast Limes – all produced in the region.”

The Kings have also developed their own dried beef snack, Awesome Beef Jerky, which is sold via various stockists throughout Queensland.

“It takes 40 hours to make our beef jerky from slicing and marinating to drying and packaging – quite labour intensive,” Katherine says. Awesome Beef Jerky will soon be available to customers nationally via a dedicated online store.…

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