Naturaleza Farm

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Welcome to Naturaleza farm, home of Mary Valley Garlic. Naturaleza farm is a regenerative family managed permaculture property located within the picturesque Mary Valley in South East Queensland. We produce seasonally ethically grown gourmet produce with the support of nature in our permaculture designed open heirloom landscape where 10 percent of our profits are donated to support community projects.

We’re very conscious about what we eat and what farming methods we use that’s why our produce is grown naturally using and ecosystems approach which is chemical free and in our eyes beyond organic and beyond free range. Most products are grown to possess beneficial properties with our Elephant garlic seed stock being a family heirloom, first planted by our late grandpa in the 1950’s. We’re aiming to help connect people with naturally grown quality wholesome food while promoting locavore, encouraging engagement within our local communities building resilience and lowering food miles.

We not only aim to provide you with access to fresh food straight from the farmer to your doorstep but also information on best practice environmental management methods we use to grow it, tips on how you can grow it for yourself, recipes and lots lots more.

Lagoon Pocket, Gympie
0426 518 090

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