Lime Cheese

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Lime ricotta style cheese

Lime Cheese

- 1 litre of traditional style (unhomogenised) milk - Cooloola Milk is great! 
- 3 to 4 limes 
- Salt (optional) 

- Small stock pot or saucepan, 
- Cheesecloth (clean chux will do), 
- Colander 
- Mixing Bowl, 
- Stainless steel perforated spoon,
- lime juicer, 
- Limezester, 
- Container for your cheese. 

Start with clean and sterilized equipment and benches (use a 25% vinegar solution as your sterilizer, or boiling water).
Zest one limne then cut limes and squeeze juice - you need about 60mls of juice for 1 litre of milk. 
Mix milk and juice together then heat gently - curdling will start immediately, stir gently as the milk heats until you get a clear separation of curds and whey - at this point turn off heat. 
Let the curds stand for a few minutes to knit together then scoop into the lined colander to drain. 
Place drained curds in a container and sprinkle the lime zest on top. 
Refrigerate immediately. 

Will keep for up to a week but best eaten on the day made. 

Time to make - about 15 mins. 

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