Bull's Eye Food Truck

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Bull's Eye Food Truck uses the freshest ingredients in all their dishes. We source our produce from Mary Valley farmers as well as our own organic farm in Curra. We also use specialty ingredients such as salted cod imported from Norway, Portuguese chorizo handmade using traditional methods by our favourite Portuguese butcher in Petersham, Sydney. Our dishes are constantly changing according to the season and what is fresh and available.

Gone are the days of food trucks dishing out greasy burgers and other insipid fare. Indeed, the humble Food Truck has evolved into a highly competitive and often specialised niche market.
Bull's Eye Food Truck is not themed. We are constantly changing our menu to reflect the changing seasons and what is available in our prime food growing region, the Mary Valley. If you happen to see our distinctive green truck at a market, do yourself a favour and stop by and try something. It could very well be the best food you've eaten that day!

107 Dan Meurant Drive, Curra

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