Forage Farms

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Forage Farms is a family operation south of Gympie in the beautiful Mary Valley. The farm is run by Stuart and Megan Andrews and their two sons, Hamish and Lachlan. Forage Farms is a home to free range, pastured chickens,sheep and pigs that are truly free range + earthed out. Our chooks produce truly eggcellent pastured eggs. Our girls love a bit of scratching around and when they're not chasing bugs and foraging in the fresh grass, our feathered friends can be found sunbathing, wings up, eyes shut and inhibitions cast aside. Our chooks have it so good that we're RSPCA accredited and the only label Australia-wide that is truly free-range or "pastured" by RSPCA standards, ensuring that these chookies are living the best lifestyle possible. Our free range pigs produce exquisite and delicious pastured pork. Our little oinkers are treated to the ultimate paddock experience. They're as happy as a pig in mud, roaming the chemical free fields and foraging in luscious green grass. Our pigs have it so good that we're PROOF accredited ensuring that these piggies are always raised in pastured fields with not a worry in the world.

FARM SHOP OPEN every Saturday 9am to 12pm

87 Mullaly Road, Kybong, 4570
07 5483 5429

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