Holistic Farming Pty Ltd

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Holistic Farming is a consulting company specialising in biological, organic and biodynamic systems. We prepare nutrition programs that enable farmers to farm without dependence on chemical, pesticides, fungicides by restoring soil and plant health. We use highly specialized labs for soil, leaf and biological testing and work with each individual grower to create customized program. We distribute Organica and Diatomaceous earth products which are organic certified for the cattle, horticulture, broadacre, home gardeners, dairies and small crop. Most of our products are unique and consistently out performing synthetic fertilisers on chemical and biological farming systems.

Heinz and his family owned Mary Valley Orchards, a large-scale persimmon and stone fruit orchard, in Amamoor QLD for 13 years. In these years, he moved away from the ‘old chemical’ farming system and implemented biological and organic systems. The transformation of the land, increased soil fertility and the increase in yield and quality attracted a lot of people. Through these innovative practices, Heinz hosted a variety of workshops on the farm and is now a speaker, educator and consultant in Australia and Europe.

6 Lindsay Street, Southside/Gympie QLD 4570
07 5371 9603

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