Lotza Limes

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We are a small family run Lime orchard and food business.
Our product range includes infused cordials, salt and marmalade.
Using biodynamic farming principles for sustainable, nutrient dense and juicy limes we hand make delicious lime infused cordial concentrates in 3 flavours ( lime, passionfruit and ginger).
We also produce 2 yummy flavours in a marmalade (ginger lime and lime) along with 2 wonderful Himalayan salt mixes ( lime and chilli and lime ).
Ginger and passionfruit are sourced from local farms with a shared passion for top quality produce.
Our cordials in particular are very different to a store bought cordial and we guarantee our finished product is second to none. We would love new customers to taste our product range and enjoy the experience.
Husband and wife team employing casual pickers seasonally.

808 Eel Creek Rd, Langshaw Q 4570
0423 424 674

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