Mary Valley Orchards

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Mary Valley Orchards is a family owned & operated fruit plantation, producing sweet, seedless, non-astringent persimmons & stonefruit. Discover the new varieties of delightful flavour, crisp texture and beautiful colour of our sweet, seedless, non-astringent persimmons. Mary Valley orchards uses biological principles for sustainable, healthier and tastier fruit.

Nurturing the earth and educating others on how to do the same in order to protect the future is a strong focus of Mary Valley food producer Kylie Carr and her family.

As well as supplying a growing Australian market, Mary Valley Orchards aims for a close association with its overseas persimmon customers who require a consistently high standard and reliable supply of quality and counter-seasonal produce. Fuyu and Jiro Persimmons are grown especially to suit the taste preferences of the company's markets in Asia - including Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand - and Europe.

Each persimmon is individually weighed and labelled before being placed by hand in its own protective pocket and packed. Mary Valley Orchards developed an own export box to ensure that every fruit is protected during shipping and arrives in the best possible condition.

The company works closely with air-freight and shipping services to ensure that all shipments are received in the best possible condition. Every foreign country with it's culture demands different packaging and sizes. Our modern pack house can ensure that orders are filled to our international customers specifications with a fast turn around time.

255 Amamoor Creek Road, Amamoor QLD 4570
(07) 5488 4315

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