Piggy in the Middle

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Piggy in the Middle has 260 gorgeous acres near Kilkivan Qld, where their pigs, sheep and chickens happily coexist. Our small family farms are growing daily, with 100 heritage breed pigs, 250 self-shedding sheep and 400 chickens. Our 2 families pride ourselves in raising happy healthy animals. Our animals are moved around the farms grazing natural pasture, followed by our chickens who scratch, aerate and fertilise the land, gobbling up any parasites left behind. Because we rear our animals this way we do not need to use chemicals, hormones, antibiotics or pesticides.

Our pigs are able to embrace their natural piggy behaviour in the pastures and muddy holes. We love the pigginess of our happy pigs. They enjoy digging and feeding on local grasses, legumes and roots, we also supplement their diet with grains. Our chickens and sheep are free to roam our large grassy paddocks during the day, only being housed at night for their protection from predators. They are guarded by our very much loved Maremma dogs, Oddy, Happy Dog, Bouncer & Buckle knuckle (Be sure to take a look at our photo Gallery.)

The Mayne boys originate from central Queensland where they have a long history of farming and grazing. Here they have inherited generations of farming knowledge and practices.

Mason and Krystal share a passion and respect for the land and their animals, inspired and motivated by the holistic grazing methods and applying them on their property. The change in the grass and cattle led them to look more closely at conventional beef production and the journey from the farm to the consumer, which then broadened to lamb, poultry, pork and eggs.

Allergies in their family prompted Dean and Kate to look into the foods they were providing for their family. With Dean's background in butchery and his growing interest in heritage breed pigs he began producing a more healthy alternative for the family. With gluten & nitrate free meat and small goods his main focus, it wasn't long before these fantastic products were soon in high demand. With the local community enthused by Dean's passion for high quality healthy food.

"Together we have combined our knowledge and farming skills to bring you the best produce here at Piggy in the Middle. We are extremely proud of our amazing natural flavoured lamb, pork, poultry and eggs. Our family and friends have been enjoying and raving about it for some time, now it is time to share our produce with you."

468 Blacksnake Rd, Kilkivan Q 4600
0409 099 565, 0427 562 818

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