Sun Coast Avocado Oil

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We own and operate our family run Avocado farm at Ridgeview Estate on the Northern side of Gympie our avocados (Persea Americanas) are well renowned throughout the local area and beyond for their great tasting flavour, weather it's because of the free draining sandy loam soils, the clean water that percolates down through the sandstone surrounding ridges or because we don't spray insecticides or inject fungicides into our trees or a combination of all, everyone comments on the real taste and flavour. Our all natural Avocado oil is cold pressed from our hand-picked Hass Avocados which have no additives or preservatives added. Avocado(s) oil is high in dietary fibre, essential fatty acids and vitamins and is the superb oil for Salads, Roasts, Dips and cooking with, as it has a higher flash point that does not burn easily unlike other oils.

109 Kirsten Drive

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